10 Reasons Why Toddler-wearing is Awesome!



As my little boy came closer and closer to the 1 year milestone, I subconsciously started carrying him less and less in his wrap. He was weighing close to 11 kg and was wanting to see and touch more and more while we were out. I started thinking my babywearing days were over.

But fortunately I came across this blog on Babywearing International Southern Maryland and it gave me renewed inspiration and motivation to continue babywearing! Sometimes you just need another technique or carrier to keep enjoying the wonderful benefits for both of you. My son is now 15 months old, weighs 12.5kg and still loves being carried (and sleeping!) in his MonaLisa Mamas Baby Wrap!

Here are 10 reasons why it is so awesome to wear your toddler 🙂


1.  Toddler hugs and kisses!


Having your toddler close makes it easy to kiss their sweet little head or for them to plant their slobbery little kisses on you or wrap their chubby little arms around your neck.


2.  Toddler-wearing conversations are the best.

Wearing a toddler makes it so easy to talk with them and hear them.   With a toddler on your back, their sweet little voice is right in your ear.  They can see over your shoulder at anything that you can see and will tell you all about everything they are thinking and seeing.  This is a wonderful way to see what they are thinking about the world. Spending a half an hour a day taking a babywearing walk with your toddler is a great way to help your toddler develop his or her speech.


3.  Traveling.

Sometimes it’s wonderful to travel at a toddler’s pace by sniffing every flower and turning over every rock.


But other times, you just have to get somewhere.  Wearing your toddler can help you move quicker and keep your hands free while also keeping your toddler happy and connected while so you can both get where you need to go.

toddler travel


4.  Toddlers need naps.

Sometimes you are out and about somewhere when you’re toddler needs a nap.  Baby carrier to the rescue!  Most toddlers will happily fall asleep in a carrier and get a restful nap, even out and about.

toddler beach

5.  Toddler-hood is rough.

Toddlers have many bumps and falls.  They have big emotions and they are still learning to express their feelings.  Wearing your toddler can help them recover from a tantrum or an injury by giving them the security of being close to you.


6.  Public Bathrooms.

Taking a toddler into a public bathroom is not for the faint of heart.  They want to touch EVERYTHING.   If you’re wearing them, they can’t crawl under the stalls and say hello to the other bathroom occupants, play with the tampon receptacle, or lick the toilet seat.    Because really, what could be more fun than playing in a toilet?


7.  Shopping with a toddler in a carrier is so much easier.

A worn toddler can’t take all of the items off of the shelves, run all around the shop like crazy, or hide under the clothing racks.  But be careful, because a toddler on your back can shop lift!  Check their little hands before you head through the sensors at the end of the store and make sure they didn’t grab something shiny or awesome that they wanted to take with them!

toddler shopping

8.  Wearing your toddler makes it easy to keep them safe while also keeping them happy.

For example, while teaching your big kid to ride her bike, a worn toddler isn’t able to run into the street and you have your hands free to help the big kid balance.  Or if you are lugging a bunch of items out to your car which is parked on a busy street, you can keep your toddler safely on your back and you don’t have worry about them darting into the street while you are placing a box in the trunk.

toddler safe

9.  Little legs get tired.

A lot of times toddlers want to walk for most of an outing.  Bringing a carrier along for the trip makes things so much easier because you can easily carry your toddler when they get tired, but you’re not stuck lugging around an empty stroller while also trying to chase your busy toddler.

toddler tired legs

10.  Sometimes toddlers just need to reconnect.

After a long day at work, there’s nothing nicer than wearing your toddler while cooking dinner or walking the dog.  You can still accomplish a few of the million things that need to be done each day, but you’ve got your sweet toddler close where you can talk and snuggle after time apart.

toddler connect


Happy Toddler-wearing!


Reference: www.somdbabywearers.weebly.com/blog

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