Our Brand New Product Range for Tiny Humans

MonaLisa Mamas was born (right after the birth of our boys) through a need for freedom and simplifying our life with all the crazy demands of a new baby in our homes, in a comfortable and stylish manner. We love giving other new parents the joy and freedom we have discovered, and we thank you for growing alongside us.


But just like our babies, our business has grown and we have had to adjust to meet these growing needs. Today we are launching a brand new product line, created especially for our tiny humans! In keeping with our feel of comfortable, but stylish designs, we are now offering your baby a Reversible Soothing Blanket and Reversible Bandana Bibs.


Our Reversible Soothing Blanket comes in a variety of colours, but has an added feature that we have come to believe is the most valuable; each of these blankets have a matching soother or comfort-toy clip attached so that you will never loose yours again! Gone are the days of keeping three pacifiers in baby’s bed at any given times just to loose all three in the middle of the night! Each blanket is 100 cm x 75 cm, and is made from light-weight, breathable material that is safe for your baby.

Blanket Australian

The Reversible Bandana Bibs also come in a variety of colours, and you are welcome to buy your blanket and bib in matching colours! You have the option of waterproof-toweling or plain on the reversible side. Your little one can comfortably drool away, but still look stylish in his/her MonaLisa Mamas Reversible Bandana Bibs.

Bib Australian Baby-001

…Then lastly, due to (much) demand, we have added to our Tiny Humans collection your toddler or older child’s MonaLisa Mamas Mini Baby Wrap! These wraps are a replica of mommy’s Baby Wrap, but are shorter (2m) to comfortably and stylishly fit around your child’s little growing body. It is extremely valuable for toddlers to imitate and teaches them excellent skills.


We are so grateful to be part of your family and to be able to give so much joy and freedom back to the most precious and valuable big humans who are responsible for our amazing tiny humans. Thank you for being part of our journey, too.


So happy shopping through our new, exciting products. Order yours today on our online store and get it all at the amazing, low launch prices!





All our love,

The MonaLisa Mamas

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