Yesterday I was a tired, busy, and slightly self-neglecting mommy. Today I a WOMAN. Still a bit tired. Still busy. Still mom of three very active children. But this Mommy was given a gift: The gift of open eyes. To see that below all the Momminess I have become, I was hiding a gorgeous, fierce, stylish WOMAN. This, ladies and gents, is my Makeover!

My little family

                                                                                                My little family ♥

Brush Salon, in the Tygerwaterfront, recently turned one, and the owner, Salome Zietsman, has done an incredible job of bringing her dream alive. Excellent atmosphere (which is very important), lovely staff, great products and incredibly knowledgeable about what they do. This salon has a rich, classy, warm feel. With it’s vintage, but modern look, it almost takes me back to a different time! The staff are friendly, what makes it extra special, is they all called me by name. I felt like an old friend coming to visit, instead of another client.
My makeover started just after lunchtime, and although they were busy, I was greeted and made to feel welcome,not rushed, and with a very friendly attitude, led to my chair. Salome started with an almost scientific evaluation of my hair, which gave me peace of heart, knowing she takes into account my last perm, the colour still on my hair, and the actual condition my hair is in. Salome was very talkative, enthusiastic, bubbly, very comforting and reassuring throughout the process. I had decided beforehand I did not want to know what she planned to do. I enjoy the suprise-reveal at the end! So without disclosing too much, I was led to have my hair washed before we do the first cutting.
The hair wash. Oh, the hair wash… If I did nothing else but come in for the hair wash, it would have been perfectly OK with me! It was a massage that lulled me into complete submission. With the soft sounds of Nat King Cole in the background, the strong, but gentle fingers massaging my troubles away, I could completely relax. This was perhaps one of my favourite and most memorable parts of coming to Brush.
Next Salome took her scissors and carefully started snipping away at my curly lioness mane, beginning my transformation. At first I was slightly anxious at the amount of hair I was witnessing falling around me, but as attentive as Salome is, she explained to me why we were removing the unhealthy, frail and dry hair. Although I couldn’t see yet, I could understand where we were going and felt confident in her capable and knowledgable hands. Not once did I feel nervous that she was going to mess up my hair as she always seemed to know what he was doing.

Then we started with the highlights and colour. I tried not to look – but noticed the darker colour they were applying, and got girlish excited. I’ve been almost every colour in the sun, but went through a long process about two years ago to get back to blond, and got a little attached to the sun-streaked hair. But seeing the dark goo being painted onto my hair like a vintage painting, made me feel like I was the one being completely re-painted, like a fresh start. Is that not what a makeover is supposed to be like?!
While waiting for my colour to set, I was offered something to drink. What made this exceptional and different, was that I was not offered the usual “coffee or tea” but anything from a variety of juice, to cappuccino, to wine! Whatever my fancy, whatever would make me feel more at home, they were willing to accommodate. I opted for a cappuccino, and was pleasantly surprised to taste real coffee, with silky smooth froth, in a beautiful pastel-coloured mug that fitted in with the complete feel of the salon. My little tray also came with a gorgeous glas sugar pot, and a huge heart-shaped cookie. (Offered to replenish as often as needed!) 😉

I think it happened while I was relaxing with my drink, up-to-date reading material (not last year or 2007’s Cosmo…), and the soft jazz music filling my senses, that I shed some of my Momminess, and in the calm, the unwinding and de-stressing moments, regained my Womanhood.
I was lead back to wash the colour off, and then the final workings started. It was actually rousing to see the mirror was covered, and the anticipation increased! Whilst Salome was drying and styling my hair she talked me through the techniques she was using so I would be able to do them myself. I definitely need step-by-step instructions to help me get the look to it’s full potential, as it clearly was not one of my strengths!

Covered mirror – so I could not peek!

As staff passed by and made remarks and exclamations such as “Oh wow”, “What a transformation”, and “Yes! That works!!”, I knew I was in for a suprise. A change. A new me! Was I ready? Without a doubt, YES.

Moms will always put their families before themselves. It is not that moms don’t care about their appearances, or want to take better care of themselves. And it is not always that we don’t have the time. I think it happens slowly, but it happens; We love being a mom. We love those slobbery kisses, we love crawling on the floor with them, we love when those arms start hugging you back, we love dressing them, making food for them, we even start cherishing those sick late nights-turned-morning…that we forget who we were before them. Not that we really want to, or admit it out loud, because being a mom is such a great honor!!!!

But so is being a woman. I was a woman before I became a mom, and will always be one long after. Every so often, I need you to remind me of that. I need you to tell me, yes, I’m a great mom, but also who I am as a WOMAN, counts.

Being at Brush, having this makeover, reminded me of this. My true inner beauty, my strength, my grace, my WOMAN had a chance to shine today.

As they opened the mirror to reveal the new look, a flush of emotions ran through me; Will I like it? What will my husband think? What if I miss the curls? Will I be pretty?

And then I saw it. It was me. Beautiful. Friendly. Happy. Still slightly tired. Excited. Impressed.


Mommy to Woman. The same me, in a fierce, funky new look! I love it!!


Before and After

Brush took the time to get to know me. To bring out something that was already there, back to the surface. What a treat! We highly recommend you try them. 5 stars, easily! Their prices are extremely reasonable, they use high-quality products, and above everything else, they see you and treat you as part of the family.

Contact Salome (or any of the fabulous ladies on her team) at (021) 914 1179, or email them at

Find them on FB or instagram:      &      @brushed_blessed_beautiful

The beautiful owner of Brush, Salome Zietsman after my makeover!

The beautiful owner of Brush, Salome Zietsman after my makeover!