The MonaLisa Mamas Baby Wraps are perfect for the mom who needs both hands! Our aim with these Baby Wraps are to provide you with the absolute best support while carrying your baby close to your heart, all the while giving you the freedom to carry on with your day. We want to give you your freedom back!

A wrap provides the best support to both you and your baby, with two-shoulder and full-torso support to make baby-wearing weightless, even with a heavy baby. It is easy to tie and custom fit to you each time you put it on, which means there is no need to adjust any straps while using it, or when switching between parents (or other caregivers). They are made of quality ponti roma fabric which provide sufficient stretch, as well as, support to your baby and is comfortable on your body, too. Dimensions: 500 cm long x 50 cm wide.

Babies evoke such feelings of love, that parents tend to spend a lot of time gazing adoringly, holding them and lavishing their baby-soft skin with kisses. Our Baby Wraps facilitates this perfectly! And for those times when your newborn is evoking feelings of exhaustion and despair (of ever getting the dishes done!), then these wraps are perfect for those times too!

Newborns are small enough and light enough to wear constantly, always under your eye and close to your heart, while leaving your busy hands free for other things! Their little scrunched up bodies learn rhythm, balance, and mobility from the parent they are wrapped up with. It recreates the feelings and sensations baby experienced in the womb. As if that wasn’t wonderful enough, babies thrive and are comforted when kept close at all times, especially with skin-to-skin contact. It is beneficial for both baby and mom (or any other caregiver).