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As a small business ourselves, we love supporting other local businesses (big and small!), and look for ways to help them make their dreams a reality by helping them build their support, expanding their brand, and create excellent products. Over at Homemade Happiness, this is exactly what they are doing; making their own dreams a reality!

Tamsin, the founder and owner of Homemade Happiness, has a background in marketing and although she loves it, it wasn’t scratching the creative itch that she had. She is a serial crafter and thoroughly enjoys design work, so Homemade Happiness became a physical expression of that and a practical way to offer products to the market.

Homemade Happiness provides a custom printing service for events, gifts and small businesses. They launch items for different times of the year and events, but also work with individuals to design items they want to create. There are no minimum orders, they print on a range of material items (such as clothing, pillow cases and tea towels), and also makes vinyl wall art, stencils, stickers, labels. (Recently adding foiling to their repertoire!)

Tamsin’s inspiration has always been her son, Luke, and she derives much of her ideas from what works for her own child. She started working on a range of designs (launching soon!) that will be called “The Jellybean Range” (Inspiration behind the name was the decision not to find out the sex of their baby while pregnant, and referred to baby as Jellybean until he was born). These designs will be printed on clothing, as well as a range of vinyl wall and car art.

We recently received an amazing box with goodies from Homemade Happiness for our (not so) little family, and my kids immediate got excited about the Easter-themed goodies and wanted to celebrate Easter right away. They have such an amazing range of clothes for babies and toddlers. The options are limitless. Seriously.

This is one company that should be on your speed dial.










Each child received an outfit to try out and they were all so excited, everyone put it on immediately and my youngest two actually ended up sleeping in it. True story. Baby A’s onesie was so soft, it felt like pyjamas! We loved it.


The clothes are a really good quality, which is quite big deal for my kids. And I love not being able to see that there was printed on the fabric – it should look completely natural – which Homemade Happiness got right 100%

Because the fabric is so breathable, it makes playing so much more comfortable. They are also perfect for crawling and walking and most importantly, easy to clean! The colours are beautiful and bright, and without knowing it, Tamsin choose the perfect colour for each of my children.

And then lastly, my ABSOLUTE favourite part of our surprise box, Mini-eggs packaged in a beautiful glass jam jar, with our name and a cute turquoise bunny, was the little gift for Mommy (apparently it was for our whole family, but this mommy needs all the sugar she can get – so you can currently find the half-empty bottle in the back of my closet…) #sorrynotsorry

Head over to their Facebook page – Homemade Happiness – and order these personalised Mini-eggs Easter jar (one for each member of the family) for only R70 each!! TOTALLY worth it!! Don’t miss out on the amazing current Easter specials. They courier right to your doorstep, but if you’re a local, arrange collection as an option as well.

So go ahead, spoil yourself and your family, get those printed mugs, vinyl stickers, pillow cases, variety of clothes etc. you’ve been wanting to do. Your only limitation is your imagination (and even then Tamsin help!) You will NOT regret it!

Lastly, in our interview, we asked Tamsin a bit about herself. Here’s a little look at the person behind the business!


  • The most courageous thing I’ve ever done as an entrepreneur is… to quit my job and take this business thing full-time.
  • If I could go back in time to when I started by business, I would tell myself… that it was going to be harder than I initially imagined, but so worth it.
  • My favourite business tool/resource/book/podcast is… Mommy Mall for the amazing community and business opportunities.
  • My favourite quote is…  “Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.” – Anne Sweeney  
  • My greatest fear is… failure.
  • Myself in one word… tenacious.
  • Something few people know about me is… I love tattoos. I’ve had to come up with a plan to spread them out so I don’t get covered in them, because I don’t like that look.
  • My very first job was… working as a waitress at a plant nursery tea garden.
  • My biggest pet peeve is… the incorrect use of the ellipsis.
  • If I could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, it would be… Jane Griffiths


Feel free to contact Tamsin directly for your custom ideas.


Remember, when you support local, small businesses,

you are supporting someones dream and hard work.


*Please note these reviews are done free of charge so there is no obligation on my part to write a biased review. These are my honest feelings and thoughts.

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