About the MonaLisa Mamas

In 2012, two sisters, Marilize and Simone, found out they were pregnant together! With their due dates being only two days apart (what are the odds!?), they did everything together to celebrate this special time in their lives. Shopping, doctors’ appointments, baby shower, exercise, as well as cravings and moaning about backpain! Babies Adriaan and Alexander were finally born in June 2013, four days apart.

Soon the normal demands of being a mom and a wife set in, but as you already know, babies tend to choose the perfect time to start crying hysterically as soon as you want to start on that pile of dishes, or finally make the bed. They just don’t understand “I’ll be with you just now! Hang on a minute!” Our babies wanted to be held. By wearing our babies in the Wrap, it finally gave us the freedom to give our babies that closeness and skin-to-skin contact they so desperately wanted, but at the same time, have our hands free to continue with the normal demands of life. We also enjoy a lovely cup of tea at our local coffee shops, as well as visiting friends&family to show off our gorgeous new babies, but often found ourselves in an awkward position of just having sat down when a little hungry voice makes himself known. Breastfeeding in public can often be difficult with blankets not staying in place, or the occasional stare from two tables down… Since we started using the nursing covers, we are never caught off-guard, people often think they are only sleeping behind the material, and we feel comfortable to breastfeed our babies in any setting.

We loved this freedom the Baby Wrap and the Nursing Cover provided us, and thus the reason we decided to start MonaLisa Mamas with our own mama (the genius behind producing our products!) –  to give you the same freedom and a little less stress in an already stressful new experience being a mommy with your beautiful new little human being.

All three of us are fully committed and devoted to these products, as we believe they have the potential to transform the way you live! Share this wonderful journey with us and just enjoy being a mom! You’ve got this! Promise.